Advanced usage

Several non-exported functions that may facilitate working with structures that contain uncertain parameters (struct-of-arrays, SoA) exist. These are not to be considered part of the API and are subject to breakage at any time, but may nevertheless be of use in special situations.


Returns an object similar to x, but where all internal instances of Particles are replaced with their mean. The generalization of this function is replace_particles.

replace_particles(x; condition=P->P isa AbstractParticles,replacer = P->vecindex(P, 1))

This function recursively scans through the structure x, every time a field that matches condition is found, replacer is called on that field and the result is used instead of P. See function mean_object, which uses this function to replace all instances of Particles with their mean.


Determine whether or no the object P has some kind of particles inside it. This function examins fields of P recursively and looks inside arrays etc.

array_of_structs(f, arg)

Exectues f on each instance of arg represented by internal particles of arg. This is useful as a last resort if all other methods to propagate particles through f fails. The function returns an array (length = num. particles) of structs rather than particles, each struct is the result of f(replace_particles(arg, p->p[i])).